Judy Chicago: Amazon Dessert Plate


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Amazon societies, thought to have existed during the third and second millennia B.C., were communal, clan-based cultures and were egalitarian, democratic, and generally peaceable. The plate incorporates symbols and colors associated with the Amazons: the white egg, red crescent, and black stone, which are joined to form the body of this mythical warrior woman. These motifs are combined with metallic breastplates, thought to have been worn by Amazons in battle. On either side of the center image is an upraised lustered double ax, or labyris, an integral part of Amazon cultures, used in felling trees, clearing land, and worshipping the Goddess.

The Dinner Party (Amazon plate), 1974–79. © Judy Chicago
Produced by Prospect.
Fine Bone China Dinner Plate.
Dishwasher safe.
Edition of 150.
10.75 in. diameter.
Made in China.