A Cool Accordion — FIAC OVR 2021

    March 4-7, 2021

    Based in San Francisco, Jessica Silverman has a reputation for building international artistic careers and collaborating with collectors committed to positive provenance. For FIAC OVR, we present selected works by artists on the gallery’s roster. The painters include: Clare Rojas, a magic realist, whose figurative compositions resonate with covert abstraction; Conrad Egyir, a Ghanaian symbolist, whose portraits pull people out of everyday life into the realm of religious parable; and Dashiell Manley, whose “Elegy” paintings derive from a commitment to Buddhist meditation and foster a spirited calm. The exhibition also contains: “Encapsulation” sculptures by Matthew Angelo Harrison, a Detroit-based artist, whose works explore African ancestries, technology and globalization; “Rome” photographs by Catherine Wagner, an artist whose oeuvre is haunted by absent bodies and parallel social realities; and Sadie Barnette’s images, that make a unique contribution to global discourses about race, sex and love. Finally, the OVR features “Through the Flower”, which is perhaps the most well-known image of Judy Chicago’s six decade career as an artist. It is autobiographically important to her not only as an image, but as a philosophy of life.