Jessica Silverman Gallery | The Big Picture | Patron Magazine, Spring 2013

The Patron Magazine
Spring 2013 Issue
Written by Patricia Mora
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The Big Picture: With a wealth of talent, from established artists to future stars, look no further than the Dallas Art Fair for inspiration and high-stakes art.

Dallas and Fort Worth are broadly envied for their unfettered economic optimism. After turning the era into an impressive hub of commerce with the completion of a sprawling airport in 1973, an already thriving economy became impervious to the torque of economic downturns. Upscale neighborhoods have never seen a shortage of luxury cars or haute couture—and, apparently, the city-as-cash-cow-motif holds true for a booming art market. If you’re looking for optimism in challenging times, you need only speak with Dallas Art FAir Co-Founders John Sughrue and Chris Byrne…[DDET read more]

A well-spoken and elegant frontman for the fair, Byrne occupies an office behind Stephan Pyles’s eponymous restaurant on Ross Avenue. He states that the Dallas ARt Fair—still rapidly growing a mere five years after its inception—has steadily gained traction. Not only are there stellar galleries from all over the U.S. participating in the 2013 iteration of the fair, but there is also a special emphasis on both emerging artists and a burgeoning international scope. Says Byrne, “We’re bringing in four galleries from the U.K., two from Paris, two from Italy, one from Japan and one from South Korea. They’re coming here for a reason. Everyone keeps their eye on Dallas because it’s a vibrant center with important collectors and collections.” Apparently the city’s sky-high stacks of cash and serious buyers make good on the promise of an outstanding market for both art dealers and collectors. In Texas vernacular, the city has both “hat and cattle.” It delivers on the notion that Dallas offers a robust venue for high-stakes art being shown and sold in an increasingly skyrocketing art market. Any naysayers (they are few and far between) should take heed and get on the lucrative bandwagon. The 2013 fair is making it easier to determine what artists are hot and what works are likely to morph into blue-chip items in prospering art portfolios.

Here’s your chance to get the inside scoop from nationally recognized experts in diverse locations. While all the collectors offer impressive work, Byrne selected some experts on what’s happening in the field of emerging artists. In other words, this is as close as you’ll come to a crystal ball. Here are a few gallerists offering insight that is likely to be especially prescient:

Jessica Silverman Gallery
San Francisco

The West Coast city known for morning fog that burns off in the afternoon shines more brightly thanks to Jessica Silverman’s gallery on Sutter Street. Moreover, Silverman lights up enthusiastically when talking about both the Dallas Art Fair and the city hosting it. She notes, “Dallas is certainly on the radar of curators, collectors, and dealers. It’s a community that likes to learn and stay informed. In 2013 we plan to exhibit three or four artists, including Dashiell Manley and Christopher Badger. I think collectors in Dallas will be excited to learn about both of these new artists. Also, here’s ¬†roster of names I think Texas collectors – both novices and experts – should watch: Barbara Kasten, Alice Channer, Florian Schmidt, Ben Schumacher, Talia Chetrit, and Hayal Pozanti.”

Silverman is known for representing up-and-coming and mid-career artists and comes from a background in fine art. In fact, her initial gallery was launched from her own working studio and subsequently grew into an influential powerhouse on loca, national, and international levels. Her entrepreneurial spirit makes her a perfect candidate for becoming a new and welcome addition to Texas’s art world cognoscenti.

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