Ruairiadh O’Connell

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Born in 1983 in Aberdeen, UK
2008 – 2011 Staatliche Hochschule Für Bildende Künste, Frankfurt, Germany
Lives and works in London, UK


Solo Exhibitions

Psycho Topography, Jessica Silverman, San Francisco, CA
Accurate Results, DKUK, London, UK
Profiles in custody, Josh Lilley Gallery, London, UK

Invisible Green, Jessica Silverman, San Francisco, CA
Project Native Informant for MiArt, Milan, Italy

Pro Numb, London, UK
Project Native Informant, London, UK

Invites Series, 176 Zabludowicz Collection, London, UK
Landings, Oslo, Norway

Knuckle, Mark and Kyoko, Berlin, Germany
Retina Burns, Halle Fur Kunst with Hermes und der Pfau, Luneburg, Germany

Notice (project space), International project space, Birmingham, UK
Six Play, Bischoff/Weiss, London, UK

Peek-a-boo, Projekt-Display, Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt, Germany
Something and Else, Annarumma 404, Milan, Italy

You Would Never Leave Me Would You, Bischoff/Weiss, London, England


Group Exhibitions

Patterns of Perception, Central Saint Martins, University of Arts London, UK

Kinship, Jessica Silverman, San Francisco, CA

The Present and the Probable , fused space, San Francisco, CA

True Players, W139, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Weird Science, Marianne Boeksy Gallery, New York, NY
Adventures in Bronze, Clay & Stone, Icastica Festival 2015, Furini Arte Contemporanea, Arezzo, Italy
Warp & Riff: Unraveling Rugs as Raw Material, McClain Gallery, Houston, TX

Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami, FL
Control Lapse, Josh Lilley Gallery, London, UK
Trust (Vita Vel Regula), Fluxia, Milan, Italy
White is the Warmest Color, Hedge Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Conversation #6, Millington Marriott, London, UK
A Merman I Should Turn To Be, Laura Bartlett Gallery, London, UK
Khar Pidda – A Tribute, Flash Art NY Desk, New York, NY
Mystic Fire, Paradise Row, London, UK

Architecture Undigested, Fused Space, San Francisco, CA
Jessica Jackson Hutchens, Michael E. Smith, George Henry Longly, Ruairiadh O’Connell, Stewart Uoo, Laura Bartlett Gallery, London, UK

Hang Up, Josh Lilley, London, UK
Peles Empire, London, UK
Original / Copy 2, Peles Empire, London, UK
Glaze, Galerie Valentin, Paris, France
Los Pasos Perdidos, Andreas Huber, Vienna, Austria

Insurgencies, London; Encore, MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt, Germany
Bosch Young Talent Show, Stadelik Museum S-Hertogenbosch, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sticks and Stones, Peres Projects, Berlin, Germany
Cladows, Weltkulturen Museum, Frankfurt, Germany
The Long Day Wanes, The Malayan Trilogy, Zinger Presents, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Cold Society, KW69, Kunst-Werke, Berlin, Germany
The Amazon Conversation, Raum Zur Kunst, Basel, Switzerland
Wir alle Lupertz, Kornhausen, Aschaffenburg, Germany
Keep Floors and Passages Clear, White Columns, New York, NY

Notices, International Project Space, Birmingham, England
Brown Collective with Peles Empire, London, England
Something Blue, A Curiosa of Contemporary Erotica, Neue Alte Brücke, Frankfurt, Germany
Frankfurt Film Festival, Frankfurt, Germany
Fondation Gutzwiller, Zurich, Switzerland
Basis, Frankfurt, Germany
Britannia Space, Berlin, Germany

Gruppenaussetellung “normal painting“, HFBK Stadelschule, Frankfurt, Germany
Evading Customs, Brown Gallery, London, UK
Amuse Bouche, The Two Jhonnys’, London, UK

What Was The Word I Want?, Galeries Hussenot, Paris, France
Sorry I can’t Stay To Do The Dishes, Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York, NY
Writing Objects, Art:Concept, Paris, France
To Be Alert Is To Be Decorative, Ten Till Ten, Glasgow, UK
Ready Made Today, Steinle Contemporary, Munich, Germany

The Breakfast Club, Haunch of Venison, London, UK

Can You See The Love In Our Eyes, Mille D’Aire, Berlin, Germany
Euro5Series, 251 Scawful Street
Brookes Show, Modern Art, Oxford, UK

How Fat Do you have to be to be Bullet-Proof?, Art Oxford, Oxford, UK



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Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, WA