Tangerine Dreams @ VSF, Seoul

    November 13-January 8, 2022

    Jessica Silverman is pleased to present “Tangerine Dreams,” a group exhibition in collaboration with Various Small Fires at their Seoul location, which brings together new work by Dashiell Manley, Hayal Pozanti, and Davina Semo. Drawing inspiration from the optimism that arises from the symbolism of Tangerines, hues of orange and red throughout the exhibition reverberate feelings of warmth, radiating energy and vitality. Employing unique modes of abstraction, the works on view each consider themes of time, language, and our lived environment to imagine a more fruitful, abundant future. The show opened on November 13th and will run through January 8th, 2022.

    Dashiell Manley’s paintings emerged as an exploration of abstract landscapes, connected by the subtle, at times almost imperceptible, appearance of a horizon line that bisects the canvas at their midpoint and defines the bounds between earth and atmosphere. The newest works for VSF have energy that moves in one direction and then becomes interrupted by a new energy moving it in a different direction.

    Referring to her new paintings as ‘visual poetry,’ over the last year, painting has become a means for Hayal Pozanti to practice being in the present moment, a tool to process emotions and reflect on the inner self thus, leading to works that are more colorful, gestural and intuitive.

    For VSF Davina Semo has made a new cast-bronze “Bell” whose painted blue surface holds the history of the wax from which it is cast. The hanging bronze clapper invites viewers to ring the bell. On the wall is one of Semo’s “Bearing” pieces, which consist of warped acrylic mirrors shot through with constellations of radial ball bearings. Reflecting the viewer and the other artworks in the show, these pieces offer curatorial comment, drawing attention to and even coloring the conversation between the works.

    Various Small Fires
    Dokseodang-ro 79, Yongsan-gu (Hannam-dong 29-14)
    Seoul 04419, Korea