The Time Has Come — EXPO CHGO ONLINE

    April 8-11, 2021

    For EXPO CHGO ONLINE, Jessica Silverman is pleased to present “The Time Has Come,” a group show of works by seven artists. While the exhibition’s theme is announced explicitly by Woody De Othello’s coveted “clock faces” and Davina Semo’s community bells, the exhibition also explores the subtleties of arrival and progress through the playful seriality of Rose B Simpson’s Zip, the distinctive abstract forms of Hayal Pozanti’s An Eternal Present Moment (22 – Haru), the environmentalist weavings of Margo Wolowiec’s Storm Surge, and the ironic book-crown portraits of Conrad Egyir. Excitingly, the show also premieres stunning 20 x 16-inch photographic prints by Coreen Simpson, an unsung African-American artist now in her 80th year, who photographed icons such as Betye Saar and Eartha Kitt in the 1970s.