Beyond Identity

    July 23 -September 1, 2022

    Jessica Silverman is pleased to announce the group exhibition Beyond Identity on view from July 23 to September 1, 2022, featuring the work of Julie Buffalohead, Nick Cave, Theresa Chromati, Duggie Fields, Loie Hollowell, Lila de Magalhaes, and GaHee Park. Comprising sumptuous painting and bold sculpture, the show explores the body, physical affection, and the fluidity of corporeal connection. Together, the works find joy in our mammalian roots and unexpected intimacies. They share diverse jouissances that skirt around the confining social rules of sex and gender, seeking nothing less than bodily autonomy and romantic freedom. A new performance by Sebastian Hernández will take place on Saturday, August 20, 5–6PM at the gallery.

    Commanding both pattern and texture, paintings by GaHee Park place her subjects in tension with their flattened environments. Couple in a Field (2022) is a clever inversion of traditional portraiture, showing a voyeuristic scene of a naked heterosexual couple merging with each other to become one. Dream with Still Life (2022) probes the labor involved in feminized self-imaging; the subject’s head rests on a table, tired and smiling, repelling any concrete or finalized interpretation from the viewer’s gaze.

    Lila de Magalhaes’s delicately dyed and embroidered stretched textiles depict tender cosmologies. Psychedelic and celestial, her compositions are part Hieronymus Bosch, part Fantasia, where writhing insects, mammals and plants mischievously intertwine in cosmic menageries. De Magalhaes’s pale palette and gauzy lines veil any obscenity and heighten the works’ spirited fairytale quality.

    On Saturday, August 20, Sebastian Hernández will present a new performance at the gallery in conjunction with the exhibition. Wielding a multidisciplinary approach ranging from movement, to sculpture, to photography, their work investigates the social hegemonies of the visible through queer Mexican and Chicano narratives.