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“Dallas Art Fair 2015: Sneak peek at 4 must-visit gallery exhibitors”
Culture Map Dallas
March 27, 2015

In preparation for the upcoming Dallas Art Fair at Fashion Industry Gallery April 10-12, we chatted with some of the exhibiting galleries to preview what they have in store for local enthusiasts and collectors…[DDET read more]

Art fair veteran Jessica Silverman participates in six to eight a year, bringing a curatorial theme that runs through the works in a visually and conceptually engaging way.m For the Dallas Art Fair, Silverman will explore the process of layering, with Dashiell Manley’s stained glass pieces benefiting from the actual location of the booth. Says Silverman, “Our Dallas booth is placed near glass windows, where tons of light floods inside. Not only do glass partitions reflect the concept [of layering], but they also allow natural light to literally shine through the artworks.”

Other abstract and hyper-figurative work by Hugh Scott-Douglas, Ian Wallace, Hayal Pozanti and Ruairiadh will round out the booth. As the gallery’s roster includes artists that have been acquired by the likes of the Tate Museum, MOMA, LACMA and the Whitney, Jessica Silverman is a must-stop on any fairgoer’s agenda.[/DDET]