Hayal Pozanti | Rhizome 7×7 | San Jose Museum of Art

Rhizome is thrilled to be partnering with the San José Museum of Art to re-present artist Hayal Pozanti and linguist and Long Now Director of Operations Laura Welcher’s collaboration from last weekend’s 7×7 2019. This thought-provoking project sought to send a message deep into the future, entangling xenolinguistics, next generation 3D printing, and hope and fear in the context of global climate catastrophe. Pozanti and Welcher will be joined, as part of their extended presentation, by Sandy Curth from UC Berkeley’s Emerging Objects Lab, with whom the pair worked to develop a terracotta glyph (pictured above).

The event is May 3 at 5:30pm | Wendel Center, San José Museum of Art