Hayal Pozanti | Diff’rent Strokes: Small Paintings and Intimate Performances | Louis B. James

“Diff’rent Strokes”
August 2- 23, 2013
Louis B. James, New York
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“Less is a bore.” – Robert Venturi

Louis B. James is pleased to announce the opening of Diff’rent Strokes: Small Paintings and Intimate Performances featuring the work of more than 25 artists.

New York in August is hot and messy. So is this show. Comprised of various small(ish) works – mostly paintings, some wall sculpture, works on paper, videos, film and performance – Diff’rent Strokes – like a great department store – has something for everyone…[DDET read more]

Featuring works by Michael Assiff, Ricky Bonzai, Canyon Castator, Leidy Churchman, Jeremy Couillard, Elizabeth Glaessner, Nora Griffin, Nikki Katsikas, Matthew Kirk, Doron Langberg, Michael Mahalchick, Nikki Maloof, David Mramor, Brad Phillips, Hayal Pozanti, Ryan Schneider, Bret Slater, Brendan Smith, Devin Troy Strother and Faren Ziello.

With performances by, Stiven Luka, Michael Mahalchick, Marissa Mickleberg, David Mramor and Geo Wyeth.
Videos curated by Brooke Tomiello and featuring Katie Armstrong, Max Basch, Trevor Clifford, Nazli Dinçel, Montgomery Knott, Rishi Linley, Alexander Neel, Kathy Rose, Daniella Sansotta, Brooke Tomiello and Nina Yuen.

The Pinch and the Ouch film and performance screening organized by Marianna Ellenberg.

For a full event list please visit www.louisbjames.com[/DDET]