Desirée Holman | San Francisco’s 10 Best Exhibitions this Summer | The Culture Trip

“San Francisco’s 10 Best Exhibitions this Summer”
The Culture Trip
June 18, 2014
Written by Imogen Beecroft
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Sophont in Action, Until 20 July

Holman is one of today’s most innovative and exciting artists, regularly experimenting with the use of props and costumes in her work, and this collection of her work exemplifies this. A project-based artist, Holman shows her commitment to her work in her lengthy explorations of the subjects of her art before production of the work itself begins…[DDET read more] Often incorporating popular culture references and subcultures, her art explores a wide range of issues. This exhibition alone considers the relationship between fantasy and reality, technology and spirituality and investigates these concepts with the use of a variety of mediums including sculpture, video and paint. Her use of the extra terrestrial in Sophont in Action is particularly interesting.

 Di Rosa, 5200 Carneros Hwy, Napa, CA, USA, +1 707 226 5991 [/DDET]