Desiree Holman | I’m So Goth – I’m Dead!

Queen’s Nails presents a uniquely dark and interesting exhibit I’m So Goth – I’m Dead! The exhibit is based on dreary themes such as loss of spirit, collapse of the economy, gothic architecture, and gothic subculture. This distinctive exhibition will feature various artists including: Justin Adian, Juan Luna-Avin, Yason Banal, Andrea Bacigalupo, Nate Boyce, Enrique Chagoya, Joshua Churchill, Wally Hedrick, Desiree Holman, Claire Fontaine, Jason Jagel, David J. Haskins, Bessma Khalaf, Euan Macdonald, Anne McGuire, Manuel Ocampo, Eamon Ore-Giron, Suzy Poling, Erin Thurlow, Pedro Reyes, and Jonathan Runcio.