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“Frieze Focus: Up and Coming Galleries Showing Previously Unseen Artworks”
Editorial piece
May 2014
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As the ferries dock at Randall’s Island for Frieze New York, fairgoers will cross the lawns to the fair’s iconic big-top tent. Those seeking fresh content from new galleries should beeline to the FOCUS section, where up-and-coming galleries (less than ten years old) will exhibit works previously unseen at an art fair…[DDET read more]

Although Jerusalem-born, London-based conceptual artist Amikam Toren has exhibited extensively throughout Europe, a mini retrospective at Jessica Silverman Gallery’s booth marks the artist’s first solo show in New York City in his 35-year career. The booth will include works from six series from the ’70s to present, including “Of the Times,” Toren’s large-scale paintings that depict letters made from the pulp of ground-up editions of newspapers, and “Pidgin Paintings,” which are made by cutting pieces of fabric from a stretched canvas, pulverizing the material, and reapplying it to the canvas, as if it were paint. Also on view are works from “Simple Fractions,” “Replacing,” “Hybrids,” and “Stack” sculptures, giving a comprehensive look at the artist’s oeuvre, filled with hints of Arte Povera, Minimalism, Gutai, and Pop Art.[/DDET]