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“Hayal Ponzati’s Painting, The Key Word: Handmade”
Lancia Trendvisions
March 5, 2014
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Artist Hayal Pozanti (born in 1983) speaks a language all of her own. Instead of letters or simple brushstrokes, she created a visual vocabulary composed of about twenty abstract and colorful characters that she paints on panels that have the proportions of an iPhone 5 screen.What do these technological devices have to do with it? Ever since she was little, the artist – who is the daughter of a hospital director and an engineer – had access to large medical machinery, servers, software and laser machines. A world that influenced the first part of her career, with illustration, collages and digital animation for fashion and music…

Having reached saturation with virtual and digital art, after graduating from Yale in 2011, Hayal changed direction towards a more physical form of art, towards working by hand and unique pieces, and thus with a language she invented from scratch, without citation, pastiches or appropriation.Like in series “Passwords”, presented at the Duve in Berlin, where Pozanti explores the world of passwords as a linguistic system. Each painting represents a single password, a juxtaposition of characters, a personal universe made of deformed phrases or words alternated with numbers and symbols that condense her personal imagery.