Flowers in Your Hair

October 28-December 16, 2016

Opening reception: Friday, October 28, 6-8pm

Night Gallery is pleased to announce “Flowers in Your Hair,” a curated group exhibition at FUSED, San Francisco, which will include the work of Katherine Bradford, Josh Callaghan, Alex Chaves, Mira Dancy, Jules de Balincourt, Awol Erizku, David Hockney, Jake Kean Mayman, David Korty, Anne Libby, Tal R, Melanie Schiff, Claire Tabouret, and Barak Zemer. The exhibition will be Night Gallery’s first collaboration with Jessica Silverman and FUSED.

Portraiture and floral motifs characterize the works included in “Flowers in Your Hair.” Implicit to portraiture is an acknowledgment that the image at hand was a moment frozen, and therefore that time has since passed. Flowers, with their even briefer lifetimes, speak to this inevitability perhaps even more strongly. Scott McKenzie sang about a dreamy vision of San Francisco in 1967, a city resplendent with gentle people covered in flowers, reveling in endless summer, never mind the August marine layer. If summertime is a love-in, autumn is a buzzing phone, and the vibration only gets stranger from here.