FIAC Paris

October 24-27, 2013

“Still Motion”
FIAC 2013
October 24 – 27, 2013
Booth #1.H09
Grand Palais, Paris

Jessica Silverman Gallery is pleased to present “Still Motion,” an exhibition of work by three generations of artists that explores light and the relationship between still and moving images.

Tammy Rae Carland (b. 1965). Carland’s recent work investigates the pure performativity of light in the absence of the subject. The exhibition includes two photographs – Double Spot (2012) and Single Spot(2013) – and two silver-gelatin photograms, titled Discograms (2013), which are made with refracted light from a disco ball.

Barbara Kasten (b. 1936). Kasten creates geometric abstractions that have a puzzling sense of scale and space by photographing installations made out of glass, mirror, sheet metal, plastic and paper. The stand includes works from Kasten’s optically engaging “Incidence” series (2009-2010) and a digital video titled Shadow=Light (2010), which is inspired by Moholy Nagy’s light modulator.

Dashiell Manley (b. 1983). Manley’s one second loop (Grand Palais) is a series of double-sided paintings that the artist imagines as a film loop—with each side functioning as a frame. The works feature off-center stretcher bars that can be seen through a circular cut-out of the canvas, which is, in turn, a metaphor for the camera aperture.