Margo Wolowiec: Blanket


Superfine Geelong wool, five color
Published by RITE Editions, 2017
Edition of 45 + 5 APs
53 x 74 4/5 inches / 135 x 190 cm
Text on tissue paper by Alex Bacon

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A new artist multiple by Margo Wolowiec—a lambswool blanket—made in Scotland and published by RITE Editions in collaboration with Jessica Silverman Gallery. This limited edition of 45 launched at the 2017 SF Art Book Fair and includes a text by Alex Bacon printed on tissue paper.


To create her weavings Wolowiec begins with the careful collection of digital images sourced from social media platforms. She uses her own algorithms to build a vast image archive culled from trending geotags and hashtags. The final textile maintains a grid-like pattern that refers to the square and rectangle formats of the source photographs. The rich tension between her carefully selected internet imagery and her sensual weavings is just the first thought-provoking dialectic of many.