Judy Chicago: Bigamy Hood Dinner Plate


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The plate is based on an early image that appeared on both a painting and subsequently, a car hood. The original painting was done while I was still in graduate school at UCLA and it was greeted with derision by my painting instructors. As a result, I destroyed it, but not before laying it out on a car hood (Bigamy Hood) after I went to auto body school in order to learn to spray paint which is something that I have done throughout my career. The imagery references an interrupted connection, brought about by the deaths of both my father (when I was thirteen) and my first husband (when I was twenty-three). The symbols include a broken heart, double crosses and a phallic form that yearns for the female-centered forms at the top of the image.

Produced by Prospect.
Fine Bone China Dinner Plate.
Dishwasher safe.
Edition of 500.
10.75 in. diameter.
Made in China.