Judy Chicago: A Goddess For You Soap Sculpture


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A Goddess For You

Many societies have worshipped the Fertile Goddess as the supreme site of fertility, motherhood, and the creation of life. The earliest proof comes from archaeological finds—paintings and figurines of women with exaggerated secondary sexual characteristics, which emphasize fertility. Famous pieces, such as the Venus of Lespugue and the Venus of Willendorf are Upper Paleolithic (30,000–10,000 B.C.E.) examples that may have been worshipped as goddesses. Scholars have suggested that they may have been sculpted by women looking down at their own bodies. These figures are assumed to be pregnant because Paleolithic and Neolithic (around 10,000 B.C.E.) people did not have enough fatty foods in their diet to be able to attain that weight. These types of female votive figures were widely produced and worshipped by very early civilizations such as the Indus Valley Civilization (2500-1500 B.C.E.) and ancient Sumer (3500-2025 B.C.E.) at a time when men were only depicted as infants or children.

Produced by Prospect.
Scent: Ocean.
Vegan and triple milled.
13 x 6.6 cm.
Made in USA.