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“Shannon Finley Exhibition at Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld”
Written by Ronald Burton
March 2014
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Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld brought geometric abstraction to his intimate, contemporary project space on the Upper East Side. In this space art lovers gathered to welcome Berlin based artist Shannon Finley in his first New York solo exhibit of 10 stunning new works. The pristinely white space was the perfect palette to house the explosion of color, shape, and textured two- dimensional pieces…[DDET read more]

Finley’s rare and abstract paintings, though seemingly perplexing at first glance; upon second glance and a moment of digestion, reveal an enticing multi- dimensional beauty that at it’s base sits truly unique layering techniques far beyond a few strokes of a paint brush on a blank canvas. His interest in shape and linearity is evident, as well as the idea to make an image stand out as vividly as possible, incorporating his love for saturated colors aide to the many nuances within his work, giving his paintings a unique dialogue and stance. When looking at his work, and observing how the multiple layers compliment each other in an effortless way, it is not hard to slip into a slight trance taking on the task of trying to find his base point—it’s quite fascinating. Finley’s work is a compilation of digital imaging software, applied and layered with paint composed of acrylic and clear gels, applying anywhere from 20- 30 layers to create a subtle, yet impactful point of view.

The exhibit is currently open to the public through April 11th, 2014 in New York City’s, Upper East Side gallery district. 5A East 78th Street, New York, NY 10075.[/DDET]