Sean Raspet | Passive Collect | Chin’s Push

“Passive Collect”
A group exhibition organized around contemporary notions of data collection
Curated by Jesse Stecklow
With works also by: Morgan Canavan, Lucy Chinen, Jesse Stecklow, Carlos Reyes

Chin’s Push

4917 York Blvd. 
Los Angeles, CA 90042
July 11 – August 2, 2014
Opening Friday, July 11, 7-10pm
Viewable Sundays 12-5pm or by appointment
View invitation here

A box, a carpet, a drawing, a fan, a focus group, a fold, a garden, a growth, a healthy alternative, a listing, a locker, a loop, a mailing list, a marker, a maze, a mediation, a mimicry, a page holder, a purchase, a review, a scrap, a sewing machine, a soundtrack, a store sign, a target audience, a text, a toxicity check, a walkway, an address book, an exquisite corpse, an initialed postcard.