Matthew Angelo Harrison | Post-Truth | Culture Lab Detroit

Culture Lab Detroit is pleased to present a two-day public installation by Matthew Angelo Harrison, on view October 6 and October 7, 2017 at Woods Cathedral, a 50,000-square-foot repurposed cathedral in the city”s west side. The site-specific installation is on the occasion of Culture Lab Detroit”s fifth edition, Post-Truth.

Detroit-based artist Matthew Angelo Harrison takes a satirical look at the primitive—exploring issues of race, design, mortality and industry—by making use of analog and digital technologies. Inspired by the notion of an “abstract ancestry,” Harrison focuses on collecting relics and symbols of African culture such as tribal masks, vases and tools, in order to reproduce them with his homemade low-resolution 3D printers.

For this exhibition, Harrison will create a site-specific installation that consists of one of his homemade 3D printers, a series of clay 3D printed sculptures inspired by ritual and religious artifacts, and six acrylic benches which pay homage to Herman Miller”s Nelson bench and are in dialogue with the Woods Cathedral”s already existing pews. Together, these works reflect the history of desolate spaces in and around Detroit, our need for places of solace in times of political turmoil, and the division between hand-made and machine-made.

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