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“Pictures of Pictures at Pier 24 Photo”
SF Gate
Written by Sam Whiting
August 12, 2014
PDF version here

Now that everybody is a photographer taking constant cell phone pictures of everybody and everything, about the only place for originality is in taking pictures of other people’s pictures.This is the theory behind “Secondhand,” a typically-comprehensive examination of found art photography at Pier 24, the private museum that is open by appointment on the San Francisco Waterfront…[DDET read more]

 The survey includes a collection of employee id badges.  Among artists it reaches back to the likes of Larry Sultan and John Baldessari but also forward  to Matt Lipps, a San Francisco who cuts images out of magazines and books and builds stage sets to re-photograph them, in his own twist on animation.
Seeing Lipps’ 18-foot mural made of clippings from the high-society magazine “Horizon” is impressive, but the show-stopper would have to be the avalanche of images that fill an entire room, comprising one day’s output on Flickr, as shoveled in by Erik Kessels.

“Secondhand” opened Aug. 4 and is up through May, 2015.[/DDET]