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“Strong Sophomore Outing for Expo Chicago”
Art in America
Written by Brian Boucher, September 23, 2013
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[. . .] Some of the more stylish galleries were in the Exposures section, devoted to about 20 younger dealers. San Francisco’s Jessica Silverman was showing bright geometric abstract paintings by Berlin-based artist Shannon Finley for $5,500 for small works and $24,000 for large ones. They were mostly sold on opening night, gallery manager Rina Kim told A.i.A. New York’s Blackston gallery showed large acrylic abstractions by New York-based Amy Feldman, who won the fair’s Andree Stone prize for emerging artists. L.A.’s Charlie James Gallery was showing works in various mediums by New York-based William Powhida that satirize art fairs. Snark aside, the works were going for $6,500 to $18,000 to buyers from not only Chicago but as far afield as Mexico City, James said.