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“Amikam Toren’s ‘Times’ @ Jessica Silverman Gallery”
SF Gate/San Francisco Chronicle
Written by Catherine Bigelow, November 22, 2013
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The first-ever U.S. exhibition by Israel-born, London-based artist Amikam Toren opens to the public Sat., Nov. 23, and inaugurates the exciting new Tenderloin atelier of galleristJessica Silverman.

Titled, “Of The Times and Other Historic Works,” the show feature objects and letters of the alphabet crafted from pulped editions of The (London) Times newspapers. Which some digital wags might describe as the best possible use of print. But we digress.

The letters are actually large-scale, abstract paintings (created between 1983-1993) created from pigment derived from print remnants and are identified by labels crafted from The Times’ masthead with snippets of the day’s headlines. Which invite viewers to contemplate concepts of time and timelessness captured by hundreds of column inches distilled into a single vowel or consonant.

Silverman’s new space is huge (compared to her previous, eponomously-named gallery on Sutter Street) and snazzy (located on a ground-floor, window-paneled corner within the bustling world of this lively and louche neighborhood). The Toren exhibition is on display through Jan. 19, 2014.