Hugh Scott-Douglas | Phantom Sun | Bugada & Cargnel

“Phantom Sun”
Bugada & Cargnel
7-9 Rue de l’Équerre, Paris
October 19 – December 21, 2013
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 19, 7-9PM

Exhibiting artists: Ryan Foerster, Sam Moyer, Charles Ross, Hugh Scott-Douglas

A phantom sun, or sundog, is an atmospheric phenomenon that creates bright spots of light on either side of the sun, often on a luminous ring in the sky. The sun light, passing trough diamond dust drifting in the air, creates a powerful image of two ‘mock suns’ appearing in the sky.

This exhibition intends to bring together the works of artists integrating the sun and natural elements into their work. Working across various mediums with raw materials and exposure to nature, each artist engages an experimental process of creation finding a balance of control and release. The resulting compositions are dual manifestations of the artists’ will and nature’s whim. In their own practice, each artist allows natural elements to dictate tone. Time and climate become their tools and geography a platform.

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