Hugh Scott-Douglas | 8 of the Best Artworks at EXPO Chicago | Artspace

“8 of the Best Artworks at EXPO Chicago”
Written by Andrew M. Goldstein
September 20, 2014

Much-buzzed as a young artist to watch, the twentysomething Hugh Scott-Douglas makes work that digs into the various ways visual information gets transferred from one medium to another, and the conceptual hiccups that arise along the way…[DDET read more] San Francisco’s Jessica Silverman is currently showing three new bodies of his work at her gallery, and two are represented at the fair: the painting is from the “Economist” series, in which he lifts illustrations from the magazine (which famously doesn’t provide bylines for its articles or images) by brushing them with clear acrylic gel, peeling the gel off, then scanning it and blowing it up for an abstracted reverse image; the sculpture is from his “Heavy Images” series, in which he sources old billboard advertisements over the web, rolls them up, and pairs them with coffin-like shipping crates as a commentary on that classic highway-friendly medium’s ungainly obsolescence in the age of the digital file and LED sign.[/DDET]