Hayal Pozanti | Gattaca | Michael Jon Gallery

“Gattaca – Ethan Greenbaum, Hayal Pozanti, Will Rockel, Cole Sayer”
Curated by Hunter Braithwaite
June 27 – July 31, 2013
Michael Jon Gallery
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Michael Jon Gallery is proud to present Gattaca, the first exhibition at the new location in downtown Miami / Miami World Center…[DDET read more]

In Gattaca (1997), Ethan Hawke is a squatter in the genetic kingdom, trapped in a constant battle with his leakage. He vacuums his dead skin out of the cracks of his keyboard to remove his traces. The plastic and aluminum shell of the computer is the surface of today. Our fingers slide over it like people once touched statuary for salvation. But whereas the continual hand marks on marble or bronze left a certain luster, the computer attracts silt–an ever-growing delta of sweat and dust here on the banks of the information super-river. We shed bits of dead skin like the light from distant stars. Reload our bodies in the eyes of others.

The work in this exhibition deals with the trace, be it biological, semiotic, industrial, or a product of a seeping history. The trace indicates what is not explicitly present at the moment, and as such exists out of time. It isn’t hidden by technology, it just changes forms. It is the emailed joke that has lost its meaning. It is sexual frustration mediated by image quality. We know now that the simple interchange of two complete and sealed bodies, the human and the digital, doesn’t provide enough critical leverage. How does secondary information–typos, screengrabs, dead pixels–alter our subjecthood? In Gattaca, Ethan Hawke’s traces are antagonistic, incriminating. Now, over fifteen years later, they offer a fresh start. [/DDET]