Desirée Holman | Ouroboros | Root Division

Curated by Katherine Krause and Jenny Salomon
November 6 –  23, 2013
Opening: November 9, 6-9PM
Root Division, San Francisco, CA
Website here

The ancient symbol of Ouroboros, the snake eating its tail, appears in many cultures, religions, and belief systems from Ancient Egypt to Jungian philosophy to alchemy to androgyny to mythology and to modern science.  It has referenced rebirth, creation out of destruction, self-discovery, the eternal, life out of death, the joining of opposites, devouring oneself, the shadow self, immortality, and infinity. The purpose of the exhibition will be to excavate the understanding of Ouroboros from its historical references and to explore its meaning today by observing the contemporary world through the Ouroboros lens.  In order to interpret the meaning of the Ouroborus image, each of us must decide how we see the symbol. 

Featuring works by Kim Anno, Joyce Burstein, Evan Holm, Desiree Holman, Matt Keegan, Sandy Kim, Bessma Khalaf, Ali Naschke-Messing, Jesse Schlesinger, Nicolas Torres and Andy Vogt