Dashiell Manley, Hugh Scott-Douglas | The Boundries of Seeing

The Boundaries of Seeing
Curated by KCM and in collaboration with Lauri Firstenberg and LAXART
October 4, 2012

Pablo Picasso is often credited with saying that “good artists borrow, great artists steal.” The Boundaries of Seeing is an exhibition focused on the work of a select few contemporary artists who have been influenced by the luminaries of Modernism, Formalism, Abstract Expressionism, Arte Povera and Minimalism among other influential movements…[DDET read more]
The show is emphasizes that limiting one’s gaze to the masters of Contemporary Art does not allow the mind to acknowledge he innovative practice of artists such as Lisa Williamson, Dashiell Manley, Hugh Scott-Douglas, Oscar Tuazan, Ryan Sullivan and Carol Bove to name a few. What makes this group of young contemporary artists stand out among their generation is their ability to pilfer from the past and make it their own. The exhibition sheds light on the more intricate and complex thought process being the objects they are making and demonstrates how they are deserving of more than a footnote in a rich history of abstraction or a nomenclature preceded by “Neo” or “Post”. The dialogue each of these artists is having with history builds upon that of previous generations, but it is important to recognize that each has something novel to say, providing us with a different way of seeing art while foxing us to acquiesce not only what it is, but what it can and will be.[/DDET]