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“Common and Not”
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By Brooke Hodge
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Fused, a new exhibition space devoted to exploring the increasingly frequent intersection of art and design, opened last week in the Potrero Hill neighborhood of San Francisco. The gallery is a collaboration between Jessica Silverman (of the namesake gallery in that city) and the designer Yves BĂ©har. The inaugural exhibition, “Formal Alchemy” (below), Ms. Silverman said, “brings together a cross-generational group of three artists who are all creating elevated objects from common ingredients through conceptually interesting processes.” In Nicole Wermers’s “Water Shelf” pieces she transforms tubular-steel shelving into shallow, wall-mounted water troughs. Amikam Toren’s “Stacks” sculptures pair cardboard boxes and painted canvases. N. Dash explores the sculptural potential of the two-dimensional medium by combining adobe with the classic ingredients of painting. The exhibition is on view until October at Fused, 1401 16th Street, San Francisco.