Jessica Silverman | C Magazine | November 2013

“Go-Go Gallerist”
C Magazine, November 2013
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Jessica Silverman knew what she wanted to do practically in utero. The S.F. artist has been selling works since her schoolgirl days at Otis College of Art and Design when she converted her studio at Otis into a makeshift gallery. Now, Silverman balances dual acts, running the new Fused Space, a focus center within industrial designer Yves Béhar’s Fuse Project, and her eponymous gallery, which relocates to the Tenderloin this month. The 2,800-square-foot space opens with Amikam Toren’s first ever U.S. show. The Israeli-born artist extracts pigment from unusual sources, like pulverized issues of the London Times. “They speak to language in an interesting way. I think they are going to blow people out of the water.” Opening Nov.22; 488 Ellis St., S.F.,: