In The Beginning - Judy Chicago - Jessica Silverman Gallery
    In The Beginning, 1982
    Primsacolor on paper
    65 x 389 inches / 165.1 x 988.1 cm
    Chicago, née Cohen, descends from twenty-three generations of rabbis. She is well-versed in patriarchal versions of genesis such as the miraculous delivery of Eve from Adam’s rib. The artist spent several years exploring alternative origin stories around birthing and maternal deities. In the Beginning (1982) is the monumental, 30-foot-long result of this investigation: an intricate, free-hand color drawing of the Mother Earth who gave birth to us all.
    In the beginning, there was woman. Recent investigations into the human genome suggest that females are the ancestral sex. Women are XX and men are XY wherein the Y is a small chromosome containing much less genetic information than his big sister, X.