Flowering Glass - Judy Chicago - Jessica Silverman Gallery
    Flowering Glass, 2023
    Hand-painted stained glass and lightbox
    41 3/4 x 41 3/4 x 2 1/8 inches / 106 x 106 x 5.4 cm
    Edition of 3 plus 2 artist's proofs (AP 1/2)
    In the early 1970s, Chicago created icons of women’s empowerment in the form of colorful, pulsing abstractions. Radiating out from a whole or nucleus like a star, flower, or erogenous vortex, these images of the feminine lifeforce are among the artist’s most celebrated works.
    The lightbox arose as a medium to illuminate street advertising at night. Chicago believes that the beauty of women’s emancipation is much more important than brand marketing, so she has appropriated the lightbox in the service of women’s equal rights.
    Chicago meticulously revisits these renowned abstractions by personally hand-painting them on glass. Flowering Glass is based on Chicago’s famous Through the Flower 2 (1973), which adorned the original version of her autobiography. Queen Victoria is based on one of her “Great Lady” paintings by the same name from 1973.